Headset Wireless Headphones

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Bike with music!

Stick Anywhere + Water-Resistant

With its compact size, lightweight and IPX5 water resistant rating, stick it to anywhere and start enjoying music on the way.

Easy Navigation

Featuring a three-buttons-navigation system and handsfree phone answering function for easy music playback control.

Other Key Features

CVC dual-microphone HD intelligent noise reduction, eliminate 95% of the ambient noise at phone calls
APT-X technology for high-definition lossless audio transmission
Multifunction status LED
External installation and quick disassembly

Technical Specifications

IP55 rated Water-Resistance
Standby Time: 200 hours
Call Duration: 6 hours
Playback Duration: 4 hours
Charge Time: 1.5 hours
Battery Size: 230mAh
Bluetooth Version: 4.0

    What is in the box

    Headset Wireless Headphones
    Adhesive double sided sticker
    USB chargine cable
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      More Information

      Colour Option: white
      Product Size: 52*52*20.8mm
      Weight: 29g