Weminder: Caring Voice Reminder

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Overview: Warm Reminders from Voices You Trust

Weminder was designed with a very specific group of people in mind. Our team wanted to see how we can bring that extra bit of help and care to people we love. We all have family members who are advancing in years, they are happy, independent and cherished members of their communities, and not really ready for long term care facilities. They enjoy life with all the vigour they can master, and are happy going about their routines in life. They may have problems or mild conditions that come with age and specific chronic conditions, like not taking medications on time, forgetting appointments, or just missing the comforting voice of a loving family member. They can also find the smartphone more and more confusing by the day, so that tools that could help them on modern smartphones and gadgets are not very useful.

The idea of Weminder evolved from our team’s desire to help our family members and friends like those who have mild dementia, Alzheimer’s, high functioning autism or other mild neurological conditions. When they go about their days, Weminder could remind them with familiar voices from people they care about. The caregiver helps with recording important messages on a smartphone, and the messages get synchronised to Weminder via Bluetooth LE. The user wears the Weminder on them and press to hear voice messages on time, and they can take action, and get on with their productive day.
We made Weminder because we see family members struggle a little sometimes, yet they are happy and want to be independent. It is a little companion that we think can bridge that space and time between us and those we love, and help them along when we can’t be there physically by their side.

Weminder separates the recorder side from the speaker side. It is programmed by a smartphone app with the help of a family member or caregiver. The programmer records the voice messages, sets the date, time and frequency of the voice messages within the Weminder app on their smartphone, and transfers the voice message reminders to the Weminder device through Bluetooth.

Key Features
- Personalized Voice Reminder
- One Button Control
- Cloud Storage
- Programmed by APP
- Light & Portable
- Long Battery Life  
    Estimated Production & Shipping Timeline
    - Full production starts in October 2021
    - Shipping in 4th quarter 2021
      More Information

      - Colour Options: Rose Red, Sky Blue
      - Product Size: 52*25*30mm 
      - Product Weight: 50.5g (with battery) 

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