Marlin GPS Swim Meter

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Your Swimming Companion

Combining GPS*, Motion Sensors and Voice Technology, Marlin provides real-time audio feedback to swimmers.  Important swimming parameters such as lap time, stroke rate and even navigation* information are provided instantly to swimmers without disrupting the swimmers' motion.  The bone conduction headset allows for clear and crisp audio feedback even underwater.

The Marlin is a 2017 CES Innovation Awards Honoree and was successfully launched on Kickstarter in August 2016.

IPX8 (1.5m/30min)

Lithium Polymer (5 hours Open Water Mode*/ 10 hours Pool Mode)

Bluetooth Low Energy for low power synchronization

Speech optimized earpiece uses bone conduction for clear audio feedback under water

Global Positioning System module provides accurate tracking and navigation for open water mode*

Main Unit (61.5mm x 39mm x 18.5mm) Weight (27g)

Know Your Pace

Open Water Navigation

Setting waypoints before your swim

Define your route by selecting waypoints in the App. Synchronize the waypoints to Marlin through the App.

Swimmer turning two o'clock to reach waypoint

The Marlin is ideally positioned for great satellite reception. When you swim, Marlin uses voice feedback to guide you to your destination.

Actual Swim data after following the waypoints.

After your swim, synchronized your data to the Marlin App and share your favourite routes with friends.

Training Programs

Having a hard time remembering your training program? Let Marlin help you!
Whiteboard filled with training information
Store your training programs in Marlin and just swim. Marlin supports step-based stroke rates, rest time, on-time and target stroke rates with 5 sound effects.
App screenshot for Training Programs
Stop thinking about the next step and enjoy your swim. Marlin will walk you through every step in your training program. Press play to listen to your program.

Swimmer making a tumble turn.

Platform Connections

Strava IconTraining Peaks IconEndomondo Icon SportTracks Icon

Marlin users are swimming in different parts of the world.  Connect Marlin to your favourite platforms and synchronize your data to these platforms everytime you upload data to the Marlin App.
Marlin users across the globe. Red dots indicate the highest concentration of users.

Media Coverage

DC Rainmaker - Hands-on: The Marlin GPS Swimming Tracker
"I like the assortment of buttons on it, and the audio feedback is super clear, both for general use confirmation (i.e. which mode you’re in), but also while swimming openwater." 
Kit Zone220 Triathlon - Swim Tech: Platysens Marlin
"A revolutionary tool that's well worth the spend to improve your pacing 91/100"
Roy WallackLA Times - 10 health gadgets that we can't wait to buy "Tri-geek dream"

* GPS and Navigation features are not available on the Marlin-P.